Modeling websites give newcomers hope in an otherwise hopeless industry. If you don’t have connections in the industry and don’t have money either, then the chances of breaking into the modeling industry are very slim. Modeling websites can be a glimmer of hope for such candidates. We, at Spaceurs, has curated a list of website that helps models along their journey. We have divided the following list based on your experience to use the one that suits you the best.

The modeling industry has been lagging from a technology standpoint. There is no leading platform that caters to the model’s & other artists’ needs. But few platforms have been trying to solve its problems with a spin of creativity to make hiring models & other artists easier and more efficient. So here are the top 3 platforms for models in India:


ModelMayhem is a leader in the modeling industry but more so in the USA than India. With forums and Edu section, they’ve to lead the charge by imparting knowledge about the modeling industry. The main disadvantage is that it doesn’t have as strong a community here in India as in the USA. Still, ModelMayhem is a name in its own right.


Dazzlerr’s motto is “Connecting Talent”. They try to be one-stop-shop connecting models, photographers, makeup artists, and stylists. At Dazzlerr, you can make a profile and apply for jobs. In simple words, Dazzlerr helps you get modeling assignments.

Dazzlerr is one of India’s best casting networks. It is developed with a vision to bridge the gap between the Talent and Entertainment Industry. Dazzlerr empower budding artists with this innovative platform where their talents and skills can reach millions of talent seekers or recruiters. It offers advanced features to enhance your digital portfolio and build an online presence.

Dazzlerr’s mission is to reach out to unknown faces and unidentified talents in every corner of the globe. Give life to the dreams of millions and provide them a platform to flaunt their incredible skills. All talents nationwide are invited unconditionally to join Dazzlerr, as it is your chance to rise with stardom, fast, flawlessly, and fabulously.


Model Factory was Founded in 2016. In their own words, “Model Factory is the only Biggest Classified Online Modelling Platform where Model, Actress, and Fresher can Showcase their Portfolio and get Modeling Jobs”. ModelFactory helps casting agents, producers, filmmakers, and Photographers easily hire models through their online portal.

Its sole aim is to get you in contact with the people who truly value our talent and empower them.

Spaceurs (formerly Portbox)

Getting a professional portfolio done is quite expensive. You are looking to spend somewhere from 35K to 150K. In addition, you’ll need to consider the costs of updating your portfolio every year. Spaceurs is a platform for hiring photo studios. You can compare photo studios and book the one that suits your budget.

Spaceurs excels at providing “Test Shoots” or “Time for Print” shoots based on your location focusing primarily on Delhi, Gurgoan, and areas around them. It helps new entrants get professional portfolios essentially free. If you are also a new model without much experience, you should start with a great portfolio by Signing Up with Spaceurs.


CastYou is India’s First Digital Casting Agency that consists of actors and models across India.

They offer Free Sign Up’s to aspiring actors and models and help them connect directly with modeling agencies and casting directors all over the Industry.

Mumbai Auditions & Casting

An up-to-date blog where Mumbai auditions and casting opportunities are posted frequently. This is one of the most updated lists of auditions. So you must join their newsletter if you want to remain updated about upcoming auditions.


It is a platform for experienced models, actors, singers, etc. If you have already got some traction in the industry and want to protect yourself from there, then TalenTrack is the go-to platform.

TalenTrack aims to disrupt and revolutionize this MECA talent market by aggregating TV production houses, book publishers, art galleries, casting & modeling agencies, film production houses, producers, event management companies, fashion designers, literary agents, and other talent acquirers – and connecting them with an enormous and organized pool of creative talent in the millions, while also fostering a rich social community.


One of the most sought-after platforms that provide a platform to every type of creative artist.

24×7 Audition Updates

This is an Instagram page where auditions updates are shared all the time. Do check this one out!


There is not enough honest info available about the modeling industry. We don’t claim to be an expert on everything modeling, but as we are learning, we want to keep you updated. Suppose you know about a great platform which we have missed. Please let us know in the comments below.


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