Delhi offers the charm of an ancient city as well as the beauty and modern vibes. There is no dearth of places for photography in Delhi. A good photographer can make any place photo-worthy. But don’t underestimate the power of a great location which Delhi offers abound.

So let’s take you on a ride of all the great locations of Delhi that will make your photos just incredible looking.


This is the site of old Delhi i.e. the Delhi of Tomara dynasty. So it has many very old locations in the vicinity like Lal Kot, Qutub Complex, etc.

Indraprastha Old Fort

Widely recognized as the site of Pandava’s fort. This is a great location for any photo shoot.

India Gate

It is the symbol of Delhi in the modern times.

Qutub Complex

The old temple complex which includes Iron Pillar and Qutab minar and the Quwat-ul-Islam mosque is the site of very old places.

Red Fort

The Fort built by Mugals

Lal Kot (old Red Fort)

The original Red Fort of Delhi that changed hands.

Connaught Place

The part of New Delhi that was built by the British during the expansion plans of old Delhi city.

Aravali Biodiversity Park

Part of reserved Aravali forest.


This university has part of Aravali forest inside the campus and looks simply amazing.

Sanjay Van

Buddha Jayanti Park

National Zoological Park


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