If you have recently moved to Chennai and are looking for a recording studio for recording a gig. You do a Google search to find the best place to do recording or jamming. But you find out there are 100s of studios out there everyone claiming to be the best. Well, how do you find out?

Don’t worry! We have gone through the pains of personally checking with every studio in Chennai so that you don’t have to do that yourself. We have divided the studios into two categories viz. budget home studios and professional studios. So whatever you are looking for you’ll find something of interest in this list.

Chennai is home to one of the best recording studios and production houses in India. Still, there are only a few that need your consideration depending on your location, equipment requirements, budget, etc

This post will save you tons of time while choosing the best studio to record your next big music number, podcast, audiobook, or interview. Whatever your requirement is, we’ll try to outline the best studio for your budget. We have divided the list into two parts. One, for budget studios and another for best quality studios, so that you don’t have to go through 10s of studios before finalizing one.


We have divided the list into 2 different parts viz budget home studios and professional studios so that everyone can find something no matter what type of recording studio they are looking for.

In the case of a budget home studios list, our main priority will be the budget. But we’ll try to provide you with the best quality studio for your budget. This will help people to find one in their neighborhood and trust me home studios pack a punch for the price they come at. The use cases for home studios are jamming, podcast recording, etc.

Professional studios list will include the creme-de-la-creme in terms of location, equipment, services, etc. Here budget takes a backseat and quality is in the driving seat. Established artists may find professional studios as their best bet. Even though they may be expensive but established artists or any user for that matter can get services that go above and beyond music production.

Why are home studios Important?

Home studios are your neighborhood studio which has been established by an artist for his personal use but he has also allowed others to use the services of the studio.

Every serious artist or content creator will need quality instruments for production. But when you are not using them it is an astute move to offer them for hire to others. This will help you to save on the costs of maintaining the studio and you’ll also be helping other neighborhood artists to produce quality content.

If you are only interested in home studios then you can go here.

Best budget home studios in Chennai

Here is an overview of some of the best jam rooms in Chennai offering a variety of professional services for the busy musician.

jam rooms

Chennai, often regarded as the Cultural Gateway of Southern India, is commended for a 6000-year-old music tradition. With a thriving music culture, the city is filled with several jam rooms, rehearsal spaces, and music production studios for artists and bands to compose, rehearse and record. 

1. Santhome Communication Center

jam rooms

Where:  150, Luz Church Road, Mylapore, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004, India

Santhome Communications Center is an audio production studio that has produced regular radio programs for Radio Veritas Asia, Radio Vatican, and All India Radio. They have plenty of equipment for audio recording and editing purposes, and an experienced faculty of media productions to assist artists with their musical vision. 

Charges: Rs. 200 per hour

2. Kadriskey’s Studios

jam rooms

Where: Turay Call Drivers, N0, 28, Dr. Ranga Rd, East Abiramapuram, Bhaskarapuram, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004

Kadriskey’s Studios is a professional recording studio environment dedicated to inspiring musicians and bringing out the best in them. Their professional setup, top-of-the-line equipment, passionate experienced sound engineers, and crew ensure that artists feel the highest level of comfort in Kadriskey’s jam room and studio.

Charges: Rs. 400 per hour

3. Surang

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Where: Aalayam Space #4 3rd Floor, Ananda Rd, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018, India

Surfing is a well-known jam room and recording studio in Chennai that offers a range of services including jam room rentals, recording, dubbing, karaoke, ad jingles, background score, mixing, and mastering. The studio is well equipped with the latest technology and instruments for jamming and recording.

Charges: Rs. 350 per hour



Where: Gandhi Nagar, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600093, India

Aksh maintains a comfortable and well-equipped jam room and recording studio with Yamaha NS10 monitors powered by NAD amplifiers, and several audio monitors including Yamaha MSP5A and Yamaha HS80M as secondary reference monitors. They also have an RME Fireface UFX, Digidesign OO3, Audient ASP 800, Shadow Hills Preamp, Lindell audio channel X, microphones like Lauten audio Eden LT 386 tube, a pair of AKG C 414 XLII, LEWITT microphones, Avantone C 12 tube, Rode NT2A, Samson CO2 pencil condenser, Shure SM57,58s and many more.

Charges: Rs. 300 per hour

5. Wave Worx Sound Station

jam rooms

Where: 126, G2 Amman Apartments, Bhaskar Colony 2nd Street, Vivekanandan Street, Saligramam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600093, India

Wave Worx Sound Station was incorporated in the year 2004 and specializes in sound effects and foley design. It has satisfied the industry’s need for professional sound quality for more than 60 mainstream movies in the South Indian film industry. Their studio is equipped with a 24-channel mixer and an enviable collection of professional microphones and studio monitors. They have a database of six and a half crore sounds and more than 150 individual foley properties which have been collected or created over ten years.

Charges: Rs. 300 per hour 

6. FLJ Jam Room

jam rooms

Where: No. 29/97, 2nd Floor Madha Koil street, Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Venkatesapuram Colony, Ayanavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600023, India

FLJ Jam rooms is a place equipped with everything artists would need to make music and record tracks. Their equipment includes a Nektar Panorama P6, Maschine Studio, Novation SL MKII, and line 6 keyboard controllers to integrate with their keyboards.

For mastering, they use the Neve MBP with UAD Satellite OCTA thunderbolt with most of the world-class plugins and a complete set of State of the art SLATE DIGITAL plugins to give the mix and master a perfect blend. They also use Protools, Cubase PRO, and Logic DAW s making it easy for any composer/Client to select the comfortable platform to work on.

Charges: Rs. 300 per hour

7. Crescent Movies

jam rooms

Where: 23, Narasingapuram St, Chindatripet, Chintadripet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002, India

Crescent Movies is a premium recording studio that brings together a group of talented people with a fresh approach to media, including thorough technicians and media professionals backed by an efficient management team. They specialize in sound design, mixing, and mastering and are known for their international clientele, innovative work, latest technology, and dynamic working style.

Charges: Rs. 350 per hour

8. 2 Bar Q Studios

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Where: Sai Nagar Annexe 2nd Cross St, Postal audit colony, Nehru Nagar, Saligramam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600093, India

2 Bar Q Studios is a music production suite located in Chennai, specializing in music recordings, productions, mixing, and mastering works at the industry standard. Their recent initiative invites independent bands and artists to the studio to cut a track at no cost for a day. The studio staff is well trained to take care of the sound and visuals for all genres of artists and bands.

Charges: Rs. 400 per hour

9. Kalasa Sound Productions

jam rooms

Where: 44, Kaveri Street, Logiynidu Colony, Sligrmm, Kaveri Street, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600093, India

Kalasa Sound Productions regards itself as more of a composers’ dream house than a regular recording studio, with a carefully selected combination of excellent analog and digital gear not only for recording, mixing, and mastering but also for composers to make music using their gear in the peaceful positive ambiance of their studio. They also offer a studio tour for all amateur singers who wants to explore and experience the studio environment. 

Charges: Rs. 300 per hour

10. Fx Studio

jam rooms

Where: #10, Sasthri St, Mathiazhagan Nagar, Shanthi Nagar, Saligramam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600093, India

Fx Studio is a recording and rehearsal studio specializing in dubbing, song recording, sound effects (Foley&Line), stereo mix, and 5.1 mixes have produced an array of media products including movies, documentaries, and audio projects. Fx has produced several media products at par with international standards and technology.

Charges: Rs. 350 per hour

Why should you consider a professional studio?

Home studios are great in many ways if you are on a tight budget or you’re only looking for casual projects. But they lack crucial things when it comes to professional production. The quality of equipment is generally high. In terms of quality, home studios take you up to 80% level. You will get industry-standard software, a microphone, etc. In addition, sound engineers and others available at a professional studio will be a notch higher.

So if you are only looking for the absolute best you shouldn’t waste your time with home studios.


  • Industry-standard equipment
  • Auxilary or Add-on services e.g. connecting with distributors, etc
  • Professionally trained staff availability


  • Expensive
  • It may be located far away

Best professional studios in Chennai

Aura Studios

Contrabass Music Studios


Oasis Recording Studio

Think Future Studios

Le Music Studio

Sound Parti Studios


So whether you are looking to host a quick jamming session in your neighborhood or looking to record your next big hit you’ll definitely find something in this list. But if you still feel we have missed something, let us know in the comments below and we’ll look for a new suggestion.


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