Chances are you have searched for best-recording studios in Delhi and have landed here. There is no single answer to this question because different people may be searching for different things in a studio. For E.g. someone may be looking for the best recording studio under a certain budget. Others may be looking for simply the best studio with the best instruments available. And still, others may be looking for a studio where they can find specific services in addition to the space and equipment.

This post will save you tons of time while choosing the best studio to record your next big music number, podcast, audiobook, or interview. Whatever your requirement is, we’ll try to outline the best studio for your budget. We have divided the list into two parts. One, for budget studios and another for best quality studios, so that you don’t have to go through 10s of studios before finalizing one.

Delhi is home to one of the best recording studios and production houses in India. Still, there are only a few that need your consideration depending on your location, equipment requirements, budget, etc. Though there are 100s of recording studios in Delhi we have gone through most and prepared a list of the best studios in Delhi so that you don’t have to go through the pains of all the music studios to select one.


We have divided the list into 2 different parts viz budget home studios and professional studios so that everyone can find something no matter what they are looking for in a recording studio. These types are:

  • Budget home studios: For this list, our main priority will be the budget. But we’ll try to provide you with the best quality for a given amount of the budget. This will help people to find one in their neighborhood and trust me home studios pack a punch for the price they come at. The use cases for home studios are jamming, podcast recording, etc.
  • Professional studios: will include the creme-de-la-creme in terms of location, equipment, services, etc. Here budget takes a backseat and quality is in the driving seat. Established artists may find professional studios as their best bet. Even though they may be expensive but established artists or any user for that matter can get services that go above and beyond music production.

Why are home studios Important?

Home studios are your neighborhood studio which has been established by an artist for his personal use but he has also allowed others to use the services of the studio.

Every serious artist or content creator will need quality instruments for production. But when you are not using them it is an astute move to offer them for hire to others. This will help you to save on the costs of maintaining the studio and you’ll also be helping other neighborhood artists to produce quality content.

Best budget home recording studios

Best budget recording studios are a mix of quality with affordability. It is normal for beginning artists to have a tight budget. So these will include home studios and studios situated not in downtown areas. The main cost of running a studio is the space or location where it is present.

Nowhere we have made a sacrifice in the quality of equipment or the professionalism of the studios.

PRO TIP: If you can travel a bit farther from the city center the charges will be very affordable. So look for a home recording studio that is situated near the periphery or outside the city limits.

Best budget home studios in Delhi

We are preparing this list for the time being. So bare with us for the moment. Here is an overview of some of the best jam rooms in Delhi offering a variety of professional services for busy musicians.

Delhi- the crowded land of hopes and dreams and power has no shortage of well-equipped, sound-proofed, acoustically treated, and air-conditioned jam rooms to provide a rehearsal space for artists and bands.

1. VAAR Music

vaar music studio delhi

Where: D-39, Vijay Vihar Phase II, Vijay Vihar, Sector 3, Rohini, Delhi, 110085, India

Vaar Music was set up in 2015 to provide a rehearsal space for artists as well as offer recording, mixing/mastering services from the comfort of their jam room. With a fully soundproof jumped, acoustically treated with balanced frequencies, the studio seems to be kitted out nicely. The room is open to jam in from 9 am to 12 midnight, along with the following equipment available — Bass Amps, Guitar Amps, a Drum Set, Zildjian Cymbals, and 2 Vocal Mics. An extra mic is available too. Besides these necessary installations, the studio also provides a lounge area where bands and musicians can interact and a canteen with snacks and cold drinks available.

Charges: Rs. 250 per hour

2. KathaRas Studios

katharas recording studio delhi

Where: A-1/ 226, Block A 1, Nauroji Nagar, Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi 110029

A friendly hub in Safdarjung Enclave for jamming sessions, band rehearsals, and audio recording with state-of-the-art equipment, KathaRas Studios aims to provide a platform for budding musicians across the country. The studio is large and comfortable, and the jam room houses up to nine people. Their equipment ranges from mixers, amps, a drum set, and several other instruments. Open from 9 am to 11 pm, the studio also houses a ‘Zen Fountain’ and staff who claim to entertain every whim and fancy of a musician. The lounge area, shower, and kitchen all aid in their attempt to provide a whole, clean, and healthy experience. Besides all these amenities, the studio also provides Electronic Music Production courses. KathaRas Studios also does film scores and electronic music projects.

Charges: Rs. 300 per hour

3. Ebony and Ivory Studios

ebony and ivory recording studio new delhi

Where: E 12/2, Hauz Khas Rd, Main Market, Block D, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India

Located in South Delhi, Ebony and Ivory Studios has a ‘dark red room’ that promises to never let your energy die out. Mainly targeting metalheads, the studio is stocked with the necessary equipment; drum kits, guitar amplifiers, mixers, bass amplifiers, and of course, mics. Their timings may be a little inconvenient (10:30 am to 8:30 pm), but they are open daily and offer an annual membership as well.

Charges: Rs. 350 per hour

4. Trifecta Records

Trifecta Records recording studio delhi

Where: A – 282 (2nd Floor), Defence Colony, Block A, Delhi, 110024, India

Trifecta Records is a jamming studio that has been around for a few years now and is well loved by the musicians in the neighboring community. Balanced acoustics, quality sound, and a professional outlook are what make this space such a popular jam room. The rehearsal space has aided established bands, as well as upcoming bands; with about 300 different brands under their belt.

They provide high-quality equipment, and the pad boasts of being one of the biggest jam pads in Delhi. The studio is entirely soundproof with power backup as well, opening up at 6 am and closing its doors at 2 am. Some of the equipment they’ve got in store is a Mapex VX Series drumkit, Meinl cymbals, bass amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, mics, monitors, Soundcraft EFX 8, and a DBX 2 channel EQ.

Charges: Rs. 400 per hour

5. B Happy Productions

be happy production recording studio delhi

Where: Garg Property, Uttam Nagar West, Friday Market, Bindapur Matiala Rd, Delhi

Rehearsing is important, but so is recording with quality equipment. It allows artists to listen in on themselves and understand where they’re going wrong. B Happy Productions promotes exactly that in their studio. An added quirk is that their rehearsal room can be flooded in daylight if you’d prefer that over studio lights. As for equipment, you’ve got your standards — drum set, bass amps, guitar amps, live monitors, mics, and better yet, you can even jam with headphones (provided you bring your own.) You can rent the drum kit, a Yamaha keyboard, guitars, sitars, and other instruments, too.

B Happy Productions is a well-built music studio in West Delhi and has worked with over 500 artists/bands to date. They provide a range of services including audio vocal recording, music composition, mixing/mastering, video production, lyrics writing, marketing/promotion, and much more.

Charges: Rs. 350 per hour

6. BlueRaga Jampad

blue raga jampad recording studio in delhi

Where: L9, Block L, Lajpat Nagar II, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110024, India

This Jam pad was one of Delhi’s first and was established in October 2010. Over the years, they have catered to more than 1500 bands and clocked over 10,000 jam hours. The jam pad even opens up to become a stage, creating a unique Concert Venue, which can hold up to 100 guests. Musical equipment like your standard keyboards, drums, guitars, and sound systems are also available for rent.

The studio isn’t just a jam pad, it has become a place for like-minded people who share a love for music, art, and dance, to interact and enhance their skills. BlueRaga Jampad aims to take your musical aspirations to the next level while keeping the element of fun alive.

Charges: Rs. 400 per hour

7. BigFuz Jamroom

big fuz jamroom recording studio delhi

Where: Block B6, Humayunpur, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110029 Delhi, India 110029

The BigFuz jam room has set out to become one of the most reliable ways of realizing one’s artistic expression in music, film, or design. They strive to treat every creator and their work with respect, irrespective of their background, medium, or language. The studio is open from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm.

They’re home to a variety of musical instruments and offer services both for production and recording that you might require for your band or personal use.

Charges: Rs. 450 per hour

8. SpacePepper Studios

spacepepper recording studio delhi

Where: Block B6, Humayunpur, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110029 Delhi, India 110029

Space Pepper Studios is a premier audio and video production studio in New Delhi, offering a recording studio and creative space for independent film, photography, and music videos. Their recording studio has top-of-the-line recording equipment with skilled audio professionals and consultants to take care of any audio-related requirement, from full-scale music production to voice-overs and film dubbing.

Charges: Rs. 500 per hour

9. IndiLab Studios

indilab recording studio delhi

Where: 536, Sector 28, Near John F Kennedy School, Faridabad, Haryana 121008

A major obstacle that bands face today while practicing is to hear exactly what is played on each instrument which in turn, affects the music they create. With in-ear monitors for each instrument, you get to hear everything played at the level you define. They provide everything from ample space and equipment for band rehearsals, live jam recording, producing, recording, and engineering bands and artists.

Charges: Rs. 400 per hour

10. Drop D Studios & Jampad

drop d studios recording studio delhi

Where: Block B6, Humayunpur, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110029 Delhi, India 110029

Drop D Studios & Jampad is one of the most affordable rehearsal spaces for artists to make music and jam their hearts out. The Drop D Studios & Jampad was born out of necessity at a time when there was a desperate need for a large acoustically treated rehearsal space for groups and bands in Delhi. Combine that with a high-end soundproofed recording studio, nothing but the best-in-class equipment, an expert studio team, and an in-house band of music artists and you’ve got a reliable jam room with state-of-the-art equipment. The jam room is an expansive 400 ft. space and includes 32 inputs, a TAMA drum set, speakers, amps, and other essential equipment for practice and recording of anything from devotional songs to heavy metal. The recording studio is a sound-proofed booth adjacent to the control room. There is a monitor (A/V) connected to both the Control Room and the jam room, and the facility provides the perfect setup for mixing instruments and vocal recordings at the same time. You also have the option to rent just the studio or the jam room separately depending on your needs.

Charges: Rs. 350 per hour

Why should you consider a professional studio?

Home studios are great in many ways if you are on a tight budget or you’re only looking for casual projects. But they lack crucial things when it comes to professional production. The quality of equipment is generally high. In terms of quality, home studios take you up to 80% level. You will get industry-standard software, a microphone, etc. In addition, sound engineers and others available at a professional studio will be a notch higher.

So if you are only looking for the absolute best you shouldn’t waste your time with home studios.


  • Industry-standard equipment
  • Auxilary or Add-on services e.g. connecting with distributors, etc
  • Professionally trained staff availability


  • Expensive
  • It may be located far away

Best professional studios in Delhi

This list does consider affordability but the focus is mainly on quality. So here we’ll be looking at the best of the best in terms of location, equipment, services, amenities, and most importantly host.

KathaRas Studios

The studio has been made almost like a Bunker! , 100 % underground, with 2 feet of soil even above its roof and no building structure on top of it. It has been constructed away from the main building to cut down any noise traveling through the RCC / walls of the main building. The sound studio is as per the latest world standards in acoustics.

All acoustic materials, even the wood used in its construction have been imported from USA and Germany. The acoustic panels, sound diffusers, absorbers, etc have been designed and installed in such a way that they can be shifted, twisted, moved around, and removed or added to alter the room’s acoustics and the RT ( for both the control and the MIC room ). Having a Fixed RT with age-old acoustic panels ( generally seen in studios ) is a thing of the past!

Meraki Recording Studio

Meraki is a passionately curated sound recording, mixing, and music production studio, where our audio experts believe in pouring their heart and soul into crafting music, recording, and editing to cultivate what’s best for you! Every piece of equipment in our studio has been hand-picked with love and precision by our experts which includes the state-of-the-art, latest hardware, and software.

Our compact yet cozy space holds a recording room and a dynamic control room, where the magic is brewed! Apart from keeping you at the top of your game, Meraki provides a comprehensive list of services which includes but is not limited to, recording, audio mixing and mastering, and sound editing.

Plug ‘N’ Play

This is over 16 years old and in the time that it’s existed, I’ve managed to record some well-established artists and bands… a room with a strong vibe and the “the orange light” 🙂 Most of you know what I’m talking about!

2 recording rooms that allow musicians to track together instead of tracking in layers. Ideal for capturing that raw live feel of a performance!

Do connect if you’re interested in recording a song, EP, Album, A demo, or need to create music for ads, jingles, corporate films, documentaries, and musicals…

BassKuttan Recording Studio

We, Basskuttan Recording Studio, situated at Uttam Nagar, Delhi, are an experienced company in mastering music in every style from traditional rock, jazz, folk, electronic dance, and pop. With our superior technical facilities, we make sure to be more flexible and adaptable to the needs of our clients.

Our experienced engineers are seasoned to provide you with flawless and high-quality music. Our engineers are best at mixing and editing all types of music. We provide end-to-end services to our clients from plan to completion.

3S Studio

3S Studio’s vision is to create entertaining, enriching, and empowering content to reach everyone globally. We create, aggregate, and distribute content in various formats via different platforms worldwide. 

We believe in delivering a variety of services in various sectors including entertainment, VAS, digital media, technology, marketing, etc. Having expertise in an extensive array of services that are so different from each other yet connected in one or the other way, makes us deliver the complete package of services. 3S Studio is a house dedicated to services that you can trust and we have built the trust with our multiple years of experience in the field.

Divine Digital Studio

Divine Digital Studio is a well-known name in the Industry for the Production, Post-production, and Dubbing of several well-known Bollywood movies, (including .‘Vishwaroopam’, ‘Queen’, ‘Shahid’, ‘B. A. Pass’, ‘Chor Chor Super Chor’, ‘Fugli’, Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho, Bajrangi Bhajan, and many others.) T.V Serials, Ad films, Documentary Films, Corporate Films, Tele Films, Multimedia and Animation Films, Educational films, Religious Films, Music Albums, Film Songs, Ad jingles, Radio Spots, Radio programs, and IVRs.


We are a team with expertise in Music Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering situated at the heart of South Delhi.

By Providing an earworm sticky composition with a solid marketing plan to the right music lovers we are a Pioneer to deliver incredible results to new & upcoming artists.

Having 9 years of experience in Music Production, Mixing & Mastering our audio engineer’s work have been appreciated by grammy award winners & have shared works & recording with major big clients like Vodafone (PUNE), Livewire Entertainment (MUMBAI & PUNE), VSKYS kids (UNITED KINGDOM)  & various Delhi based clients. Stood top 10 in various record labels & have raised various small growing musicians guiding the way to stardom!

SM Music Records Studio & Music Academy

SM Music Records is the best location for recording for all kinds of Musicians in Delhi/NCR. Located In West Delhi is an audio recording studio and also provides a post-production facility. We aim to create high-quality digital recordings in resonance with all styles of music and at any level of development – whether you are a ‘ready to go’ band, making demos, or looking to produce a finished single or album.

If you are a singer or songwriter planning to develop your ideas, we can record, mix and master them right here. We have all the latest gadgets and equipment to make your recordings sound truly professional. We also conduct voice-over recordings and can recommend voice-over artists in a variety of languages to our clients if needed.

Our main forte is Music, sound design, recording songs, and dubbing voiceovers. Production houses in Delhi and Mumbai also hire our services for dubbing services. Founded by Sonu Makan(Singer/Composer/Songwriter/Sound Engineer) who is a Cubase certified Sound Engineer from ZIMA(ZEE Institue Of Media And Arts, Mumbai) been working in Music Industry For Long 5 Years.


So whether you are looking to host a quick jamming session in your neighborhood or looking to record your next big hit you’ll find something in this list.


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