Soundproofing a Recording studio can be an expensive affair if you consider only professional solutions like quality acoustic panels, designing, etc. But if you are on a tight budget, then soundproofing a recording studying can be very cheap if you do it yourself and will be much cheaper.

If you are good at doing things yourself and do not have a problem getting your hands dirty then the Do It Yourself type solution will save you a lot of time and money. Let’s consider what type of material you can use to soundproof the studio.

Building an acoustically fit room is a challenge for those working on a budget. But, there are some smart moves that you can make to give your jam space credibility.

Egg Trays

Egg trays, yes, your nearby grocery store’s staple, can be your best friend. Lining them up against your walls makes the acoustics better and also helps in moderate soundproofing.


You can also opt for glass wool which is readily available and inexpensive.

Glass wool

Pin-up board or Foam

You can also drill holes in a soft/pin-up board, or use foam, thermocol, or a combination of these to make acoustics better.

Placement of furniture

Open walls will always reflect sound. So you can cover open walls with furniture.


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