Every musician needs a small or big home studio setup. So in this blog post, we will discuss what do you need to create a home studio. Please keep one thing in mind at all times that you will not and should not spend all this money from the get-go i.e. invest as and when you need them. We will include devices that fall within every type of budget.

Before investing in a home studio you need to make sure you know what you are doing else you’ll just be wasting a lot of money. We’ll be listing out some basics that you will need. The basic is an audio interface, a digital workstation, studio monitors and headphones, a dynamic instrument mic and a vocal condenser mic, a midi keyboard, whatever instruments you’d require synthesizers, and plugins.

1. Computer

Anything with i5 or more paired with at least 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD will work just fine. In India, we are talking about somewhere around 60K. If you don’t have any budget for a new computer. Start with whatever you have. It is just needed to run a music production software.

2. Audio Interface/Card

An audio interface sometimes called an audio card will help you to connect your devices. It takes the input from your instruments and feeds it to the computer where you can do further processing on it.

Let’s talk about the audio interface the audio interface that I’m using is, m-audio fast track MkII. It comes with 2 inputs, 1 xlr, and 1 jack. xlr input comes with phantom power. So you can connect your condenser mic to it. m-audio has stopped manufacturing this audio interface. This product has been discontinued. There’s a good alternative to this, from Focusrite. I can’t remember the name exactly. But I’ll post the link to that too.

We have created a list of 8 budget audio interfaces for a home recording studio that will help you to choose the best one for you.

3. Headphones

Headphones are one of the most important if not the most important piece of hardware for your home recording studio setup. A good piece of headphones will always be helpful while producing music.

We have created a list of 7 Budget Headphones for Home Recording Studios.

4. Microphones

There are two types of microphones for a recording studio setup, viz Condenser microphones, and Dynamic microphones.

Condenser mics are very sensitive and can capture even low noise so if you are living in a place where there’s a lot of surrounding noise I won’t recommend a condenser mic in such a scenario. If you want to buy a good condenser mic, you should check Our top 4 picks for budget condenser mics.

Dynamic microphones, on the other hand, are best known for their use in live environments. They are best known for recording sounds that are louder. Usually, Condenser microphones like the ones featured in our previous article are ideal for a studio environment whereas Dynamic Microphones are more inclined towards live applications. Check our best 4 picks for dynamic microphones.

The mic that I use is, Rode nt1a is a condenser microphone.

5. Music Production Software or Digital Audio Workstation(DAW)

If you are short on budget. Start with something like Audacity which is free software. So it will be perfect for any budget. But if you have a budget go with premium offerings coz they will be saving you a lot of time.

I’ve been using this for many years, I haven’t upgraded yet when I started, I was using fl studio after that I used Nuendo after Nuendo, I used Cubase 5, and haven’t changed ever since although this is a very big debate, some people say logic is the best some say pro tools is the best, I feel it doesn’t make any difference ultimately what matters is the creativity, your thoughts, your ideas so I wouldn’t like to get into this debate of which is the best DAW, I use Cubase 5.

6. Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are required if you needed to work for long hours.

I use Krk Rokit 5. You must have seen these studio monitors on multiple youtube channels and videos regarding the home studios. This is certainly one of the best pairs of studio monitors that you can buy. If you want to build a home studio, then I feel your room dimension wouldn’t be as big as compared bigger music studios.

Then you don’t need bigger studio monitors than these, this is more than enough. one special feature of Rokit 5 is that it has the bass port on the front, which is important for home studio owners. When we build a studio at home, we struggle to find enough space. In most cases, we have to place the monitors close to the wall. In such cases, because of low frequency, can cause a lot of difficulties while mixing. but because the bass port is at the front, not facing the wall, it’ll give some relief.

7. MIDI Keyboard

I used Akai mpk mini before this I had m-audio oxygen 25, that too was a 25 key compact midi controller like this. In Akai mpk mini you get 8 programmable pads and 8 programmable knobs. You can assign different controls to them from your music production software. The Pitch bend and modulation wheel have been replaced by a joystick, which I think is a cool feature.

If like me, you also aren’t a keyboard player, I don’t think you need a bigger midi controller than this. For complete beginners watching this video, let me tell you, the midi keyboard doesn’t have its sound. It only controls midi instruments in your music production software you can play drums, strings, bass, guitar, whatnot…but it doesn’t have its sound. You can’t play them without connecting to an output device.

We have created a list of 5 budget MIDI keyboards that you will love.

8. Cables, Stands, and Hardware

These are auxiliary devices but are a must for convenience. This will help you to create a professional-looking studio that will also function properly.

9. Room Treatment or Acoustic panels

These panels will help you reduce echo from the walls of your studio. Check out our acoustic designing guide and frequently asked questions

Those are called acoustic panels, which are made out of foam. I had ordered an entire set from MMT Acoustix. It’s important to know about acoustic panels that these have not been used for soundproofing by installing them it’s not that what you record inside won’t be audible outside or it will block outside noise from entering inside, No. this is just to treat the room reflections, which helps you while mixing and I also use them while recording vocals headphones that I use are, a JBL T250SI before this I’ve used Sennheiser HD201 & 180 when I was using Sennheiser, I didn’t have studio monitors, I used to mix on headphones but if you want to mix professionally, I won’t recommend any of those headphones if you only want to use it for tracking while recording vocals, you can go with any one of Sennheiser HD201 or HD180

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to set up a home studio in India?

A recording home studio can be set up for as little as 5000 and there is no upward limit. It all depends on your budget and what production quality you are aiming for. If you have a very small budget then you should aim to get only the essential equipment.

But if you can stretch your budget a bit then you can get most of the things under 35000.

How much does it cost to record a song?

Studios on Spaceurs can be hired for as little as INR 500 per hour. So depending on your requirements you can record a song for INR 15000 to 35000

How do you build a home studio on a budget?

Building a home studio on a budget is an art. If you are on a budget then you must only buy things that you must need. Prioritize your buying list and only include things that help your scale later.

For E.g. a USB mic will be cheaper but it will limit you in the future. So you should buy a mic that needs an audio interface because it will give you a lot of flexibility and the quality will be much higher though it will also cost you more. But in the long run, it will be quite affordable.

What do I need to make a home studio?

The bare minimum that you’ll need to set up a home studio will be a computer or laptop with an intel i5 or higher processor, DAW, and a good quality pair of headphones.

How do home recording studios make money?

Home recording studios make money by renting out the instruments and space to artists. They trade time for money.

Do you need a studio to make music?

Yes, even a simple home studio setup will suffice. As you increase the number of instruments the quality of your recordings will increase. So if you are starting out you need to set up a small home studio so that you can produce something of quality.

Is it hard to open a recording studio?

Most music artists need and have their own home recording studio setup because it is virtually impossible to produce something of quality without having a home studio setup.

How much does a DAW cost?

The cost of a DAW totally depends on you. You can start your journey with free software like Audacity and move your way up from there. It would help if you searched for the best DAW for your use case and your preferences.

Do I need a permit for a recording studio?

There is no permit required for a home recording studio in India.

How much will it cost to build a home studio?

The cheapest home recording studio can be built for less than INR 10,000. But do not expect too much from this. This is just for the artists that are just starting out. If you are an experienced music artist you will need to set up something of quality and that will need at least INR 100,000.

What do I need to set up a home recording studio?

To set up a home recording studio, you’ll need at least a laptop or desktop paired with good-quality headphones and a DAW.

Minimum Setup:
1. Laptop or Desktop
2. Headphones

Complete Setup:
1. Laptop or Desktop
2. DAW
3. Headphones
4. Studio Monitors
5. MIDI Keyboard
6. Acoustic Panels
7. Audio Interface
8. Microphones
9. Auxiliary Hardware

How can I record professionally at home?

To record professionally at home, you need your small setup for music production.

Equipment List for a home recording studio setup

1. Computer
2. Audio Interface/Card
3. Headphones
4. Microphones
5. Music Production Software or Digital Audio Workstation(DAW)
6. Studio Monitors
7. MIDI Keyboard
8. Cables, Stands, and Hardware
9. Room Treatment or Acoustic panels


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