Are you a model looking to get work? or are you someone looking to get into the modeling industry? If yes, then read on. This post will be really useful and we’ll share one of the lesser-known secrets in the modeling industry that will save you a lot of money in getting a professional portfolio. It will also help you network with people in your industry that will help you to get work, in turn.

What is Time for Print (Trade for Pics)?

Time for print shoots is the collaboration shoots in which photographer share their expertise in photography and the model shares his time. The result photos are shared between the photographer and the model. Both of them get the right to share them on social media, etc. The benefit of such shoots is that everyone (photographer as well as model) gets something out of this arrangement.

So where can you find it, you ask? Well, for that you’ll have to ask around.

How to arrange Time for Print?

You can find studios and photographers listed on Spaceurs in your area. Just give them a call if they are interested in a Time-for-Print arrangement. You’ll have a better chance of such arrangements with beginner or intermediate studios and photographers.


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