Delhi College of Photography Studio

Delhi College of Photography Studio Delhi College of Photography Studio

The main advantage of shooting in a studio is of course the ability to control and shape the quality of light. It also has the pleasant side effect of making almost every camera capable of rendering sharp, well-detailed images. At Delhi College of Photography all of this control and quality comes at a fairly hefty price, so renting a studio space is a great way to gain experience without the financial pain of buying your own equipment.
At Delhi College of Photography, you can rent a huge studio at a very compatible price with studio lighting, softboxes, reflectors, and other equipment for half-day, full-day, or can buy our studio membership according to your needs.
Studio size: over 1200 Sq Ft
In our studio, we provide you with a studio-shooting area, makeup area, sitting lounge, dressing area, washrooms, conference room, and a kitchen.
If you face any problem, Portbox is always there to help you.

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