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Lensteasers has one of the most lavish and attractive photo studios in the city. This is not only the place for us to shoot, but Lens Teasers also allow other photographers to leverage our facilities and take amazing photographs. Our studio has a wide variety of features that make it ideal for cinematography and photoshoots.

You can rent the studio for different time packages based on your needs. Our packages are value-for-money, enabling you to focus on the photography rather than the administration and maintenance of the facility. Our studio is suited for a wide variety of photoshoots such as model, portfolio, product, fashion, and chroma shoots.
Our facilities
The great thing about our studio is that it is well equipped with the latest camera and lighting setup. This gives you the flexibility to change the style and mood of the photos. Our facility saves you a lot of time and headaches, giving you the best photoshoot experience. You can be at maximum productivity with our assistance.

Lens Teasers also have separate makeup rooms for men and women. So you don’t need to look for a changing room, makeup room, etc. outside our premises. This is a big time-saver for you and also reduces the travel for a photoshoot.

Our administrative staff is well behaved and professionals in the industry. They are very supportive of the photoshoot process enabling it to be executed smoothly. We are committed to providing the best services and experience to our customers. We invite you to visit our studio to see the benefits firsthand. We are excited to be part of your growth story. Come and experience world-class facilities such as film editing, video and audio mixing, portfolio management, Chroma shoot, and much more.

If you face any problem, Portbox is always there to help you.

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