Still and Motion photo studio

Still and Motion photo studio Still and Motion photo studio
Max Studio Occupancy: 5

Still and Motion photo studio on rent in Gurgaon. You can rent it online on Portbox.

Size of the Studio

  • ​16.5 ft Width, 45+ ft Depth, 9 ft Height
  • The studio is great for Vlogs, Interviews, Product Demos, Fashion, E-commerce Shots, High-end Creative Product Photography, and much more…

Equipment & Facilities

  • Automatic Background System with Savage White, Black, Gray colors
  • ​Manual Background Stands for fabrics
  • Fabric Background Colors (Light Pink, Light Blue, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Maroon, Dark Blue, Black, White, Red Pattern, Black Pattern)
  • 4 Elinchrom 400 FRX with Trigger
  • 2 Godox SK400II with Trigger
  • 5 Simpex Backup Studio Lights with Trigger
  • Harrison Argos Sparkle Led Light Mark III 
  • Boom Light/camera Stand​
  • Mount for Camera for Top Shots
  • Reflectors
  • Umbrellas
  • Beauty Dish
  • Octa Softbox, Square Softbox
  • Honeycomb Grid with Doors
  • ​Elinchrom Snoot with Grid
  • Snoot
  • On-Camera Ring Flash / Ring Led
  • Flashes Canon 580 EX / 270 EX
  • ​Godox Flashes (Sony Mount)
  • Flashes Simpex 522
  • Canon Mount Macro Extensions
  • Various ​Camera Remotes
  • Macro Rail
  • Light Stands​
  • Heavy & Light Weight Tripod​
  • Turntable for Very Light Products
  • Photo Tents up to 40 Cms Products​
  • White Acrylic Sheets
  • Thermocol Sheets
  • ​White Chart Paper with tape
  • Leather Backgrounds for Small Product Shots 
  • Fog Machine
  • Disco RGB Lights (Led Par)
  • ​Computer with various printers
  • Peaceful Location
  • Work Tables
  • Free Wifi
  • Photo Printing Facility 
  • Full Power Backup
  • Air Conditioners
  • Clean Washroom and Green Area
  • Waiting Area
  • Tea Coffee
  • ​Microwave Oven
  • ​Refrigerator
  • ​Steam Iron with Board
  • Music System
  • Gas Stove / Induction also available for Food Shots

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