With the rise in home recording equipment, setting up a home recording studio is easier than ever. You can create your customized recording studio at home. If you are looking to set up one, we have written a detailed post for various budgets here

But if you’re looking for a professional space to record your next album, you may be wondering: how much does it cost to rent a recording studio with all of the modern equipment and instruments you need?

Why would you rent a recording studio?

You can record well enough with a laptop and just a microphone. But it does not provide enough quality which people expect nowadays due to the flooding of content creators.

In addition to all this, a professional studio will provide you with smaller nuances that will result in a really good product in the end. Studios usually have soundproof walls and high-quality microphones which will help you a lot.

Not only that, as the recording studio is a professional one so the quality of instruments will be higher too. What if you need some sounds of the drum in addition to the guitar you’re caring for? Well, the studio will take care of that.

In addition to that, most studios will have professional recording engineers you can hire for your session or studio musicians you can book for a live recording or backing tracks.

What if I’m not a musician?

Recording studios are not only hired by musicians who are looking for a place to record music. In addition to musicians, recording studios are hired by people looking to record a podcast, conduct an interview that needs to be recorded, record an audiobook, etc.

How to rent a recording studio?

Hiring a suitable recording studio near you is not a tough task anymore.

Types of recording studios

Home Studio

A home recording studio is a setup done by a budding musician. If they have a spare room, basement, or garage. Then setting up a home studio for music production is not much of a task. With a successive small investment into quality products, one can easily set up a high-quality home studio.

If you are looking to set up your home recording studio, please check this post.

Jam Pad

A jam pad sometimes called a Jam room is the one where you can have a rehearsing session.

Professional Studio

If you are looking to record production-quality content like audiobooks, podcasts, music, etc, and are only after the best of the best then you should only look for professionally managed studios.

How much does it cost to rent a recording studio?

The answer is variable. It depends on a lot of factors like location, amenities, equipment, and host too. Let us discuss important things first and see how they affect the cost of renting a recording studio.

In Indian metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, or Chennai, you are looking to spend somewhere around 8000 to 12000 for a day of recording. There may be extra charges for the services that are being provided like Audio Engineer, etc.

Location, Equipment, Amenities, and Services provided


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