YouTube has seen tremendous growth in India and being a YouTuber is a profession in itself now. But if you are just starting, how can you make yourself stand out from the rest. The answer is professionally made videos.

So, do I need to spend a lot of money on equipment just to start a video channel? Well, the answer is an emphatic no! You have a phone and it has got a great camera. Start with it!

But if you’ve got some traction on YouTube and want to push it a notch up. That’s where Spaceurs can help you. We can help you to find out photo/video studios near you, where you can get a place to shoot your videos, and get help with the post-production process, all for a small amount of fee.

With Spaceurs you can hire photo/video studios for your podcast, interview video, product video, etc by the hour. You can check availability on our app and book it online. If you need editing support, pay a small fee and you have a professionally made video.

Things to keep in mind while renting a photo studio

There are a few things to consider when renting a photo/video studio space in India for your YouTube videos. First, decide what type of space you need. Do you need a large space for a set or just a small space for filming?

Second, consider your budget. How much can you afford to spend on rent? Finally, think about your location. Where do you want to film your videos? Do you need to be near a city or can you film in a rural area? Once you have answers to these questions, you can start looking for studio spaces to rent.

Pros of hiring a photo studio:

  1. You get professional equipment to shoot your video or photos with.
  2. Lightening and audio equipment are
  3. You can get professional help for making videos for a small extra fee.
  4. You are charged by the hour. So no requirement to spend a huge amount of money on a home studio setup.

Cons of hiring a photo studio:

  1. You’ll have to pay as and when you want to produce a new video.
  2. You need to consider its availability.

Benefits of hiring with Spaceurs:

  1. You can rent studios for even an hour with us.
  2. Check availability online.
  3. Search for a studio, find available timings & book! No hassle of checking with friends.

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