Spaceurs (formerly Portbox) is a place to find creative spaces (studio spaces) near you. Finding a studio space is not that easy in India. The main reason is the fragmentation of the industry. There is no single place where you can find studios.

This is the main motto of Spaceurs. We operate to make the life of creative souls easy. Now it is easier than ever to find either a Recording Studio, Videography Studio, or photography studio. Now you can book all types of studio spaces with Spaceurs. We have an inventory of all types of studios, top-line, mid-line, and home studios so that you don’t have to search and read reviews of thousands to find a single one.

When you book a studio space with Spaceurs you don’t have to worry about anything. Spaceurs deals with studio spaces on your behalf and gives you the best deals possible with the least amount of hassles.

Our History


We started our journey as Portbox, as a platform for photography studios, models, and fashion photographers. We offered our services to bring all the stakeholders together under the same roof. We spotted new opportunities in the industry and started a new chapter as Spaceurs.

But after seeing the demand for recording and other types of spaces we have expanded our operations into Recording Studios, Videography Studios, and Photography studio spaces.

What type of Studios?

Though we provide every type of studio, our focus is primarily on home studio spaces which you can use for podcasting, portrait shoot, interviews, or music recording. Spaceurs, formerly Portbox, started its operation with a special focus on photography studios, photographers, and models. But now we have expanded our operations to include any type of creative space (studios).

But we have pivoted our business model towards offering studio spaces with an emphasis on home studios so that you don’t have to set up your own. We are looking to provide studio spaces for rent so that you can produce more content professionally and affordably.

Recording Studios

Recording studios is our main offering. Every creative soul who works in the music industry must need equipment and a place to record music. So if you are looking for a professional studio or a place for jamming where you can conduct jamming sessions (practice sessions), you can find them on Spaceurs. We have a range of professionally maintained home studios that will fall within your budget.

Photography Studios

Photography studios are the ones where you can conduct your photo shoots.

Videography Studios

We are also expanding into videography studios. Though we do not have much inventory when it comes to videography studios. But we are slowly expanding into this category and trying to collaborate with the best in the industry.

Use Cases

There are many use cases for creative spaces viz. content creation for social media, commercial shooting, product shoot, recording, etc. Some of them we discuss below.

1. Social media content creation

The reason for expanding into all the creative spaces is the sheer amount of demand for such spaces. With the explosion of social media in recent years has given rise to a new generation of influencers who need to create professionally appealing content.

2. Product Shoot

With the explosion of e-commerce in India, everything and everyone is selling online. These online shops need professionally shot product photos which in turn will give rise to more demand for photography studios.

3. Podcast Recording

The recent trends in social media and the exponential growth of podcasting have shown the potential of podcasting as a whole. Even though podcasting is not as much famous in India as it is in the West. Still, there is a large market for it. To produce high-quality podcasts

4. Interviewing

Interviewing a guest can be one of the most important parts of content creation for your YouTube channel. But to interview professionally you will need quite a lot of equipment which is where a professional studio can come in handy for you.

5. Feature Film

6. Fashion Photo Shoot

7. Music Recording


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